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Screen Printing


Some freelance work I have done at

Studio Two Three. I have also printed material for their shop and done some personal work. Stay tuned for more soon!


Printer: Erin Soorenko


Steam Rolling 

Alternative Print


Pressssssure Steamroller Printing Event


Over a span of three months,  a

class of twelve students from VCU Department of Graphic Design organized a steamroller printing event to create large scale, hand-carded linoleum prints. Limited series of 32''x44'' posters.



Designers: Erin Soorenko/ Xi Lu

Sister Witches Brew

Stamp Labels


Limited series labels for homemade ginger brew.


Labels are screen printed and tied to our bottles and shared with our friends and family. 


My friend and soul sister, Carlisle and I lived together for 4 years. We inspire one another every day with funky projects or simple ways of life. Together we are the sister witches and working up some trial brews!


Designer: Erin Soorenko

Illustrator: Carlisle Wilkinson

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